Cat Attacked by Dog Needs Lifesaving Surgery

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Bojangles was a stray cat who was brought into East Valley Shelter with life threatening injuries from being attacked by a dog or coyote. The shelter is not able to provide expensive medical care for cats like Bojangles, so he would have been euthanized if we had not saved him. We did not know the extent of his injuries when we rescued him, but his diagnosis and prognosis is much worse than we had expected. We took him straight to our vet from the shelter, where he was diagnosed with a broken jaw, a deep neck wound, and a laceration on his ear. Our vet suggested that we take him to an orthopedic specialist, where it was confirmed that he has a badly broken jaw, that will need to be repaired, and part of his jaw may need to be removed. To complicate matters, the vet found that his platelet count was too low for him to undergo surgery, so we are waiting for further test results to find out the cause of his low platelet count. He will remain hospitalized and on pain meds and antibiotics until we get the results and can diagnose the underlying problem. Hopefully it will be something treatable, then we can proceed with the CT scan and surgery.

As you can guess, this bill is going to be much higher than we had anticipated. His treatment is expected to cost us around $5000.00… it could be even more, depending on what his blood tests reveal and what treatment is needed. We know that this is a lot of money to spend on one cat, but we committed to Bojangles when we rescued him and we will not give up on him without a fight!

Please help us fight for Bojangles by making a tax deductible donation towards his medical care. Any amount will help. We are his only chance and we think he deserves it.

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