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Kitten Rescue is a no-kill, grass roots, Los Angeles based animal welfare and rescue organization, dedicated to saving the forgotten felines of Los Angeles. Our animals are rescued from the streets and city shelters. Between our foster network and the Kitten Rescue Sanctuary and Nursery, Kitten Rescue cares for over 1,200 cats at any given time.

It all started in the Spring of 1997, when Kitten Rescue founder, Sue Romaine, was leaving her volunteer shift at the West Valley Animal Shelter and she crossed paths with a gentleman carrying a paper bag. The bag contained a four week old kitten that he had found in his yard and he was headed into the shelter to turn it in. The man told Sue that he had brought the siblings in the day before, but this one had been hard to catch. Sue's heart sank, as she knew that the siblings had been euthanized immediately by shelter staff due to their young age, and that this kitten would face the same fate if she did not intervene. Without hesitation Sue said, "I will take it". She appropriately named the kitten "Jackpot", and he became Kitten Rescue's first foster kitty.

Since our inception, Kitten Rescue has placed over 18,000 animals into loving homes and helped save the lives of thousands more homeless animals through our numerous other programs.

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