Help Give Hope to the Hopeless

Your donation will provide medical care for animals in need

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Your donation will provide medical care for animals in need

It All Started With A Little Kitten Named Hope...

In the summer of 2006 we got a call about a kitten who was found lying in a gutter after being hit by a car. She was given baby Tylenol by the person who found her, who did not know that it is toxic for cats. When the person called Kitten Rescue for help, we rushed her to an emergency hospital for treatment. They treated her for Tylenol poisoning and determined that she would need extensive surgery to save her shattered leg. We named her Hope.

Kitten Rescue reached out to our supporters for help and the response was truly overwhelming. Within a few hours, enough money had been raised to cover Hope's hospitalization and the anticipated costs of her surgery. Donations kept coming in, including a $5,000 anonymous donation from a very generous sponsor.

We were devastated when the vet called to tell us that Hope had passed away during surgery. In Hope's honor, Kitten Rescue established The Hope Fund, using the remaining donations raised for Hope. The Hope Fund is dedicated to the support of rescued cats who are in dire need of expensive medical care. Thanks to the Hope Fund, Kitten Rescue has been able to rescue and rehabilitate cats suffering from extensive injuries over the years.

Your donation to the Hope Fund will enable us to continue to save animals in dire need of medical help that would otherwise be left behind at the shelter or left to suffer on the streets. Thank you for your support.